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What is a CMS and why choose Beamreactor?

Beamreactor is a dynamic WYSIWYG web content editor, or "Content Management System (CMS)"*. Roughly, Beamreactor is to the web what your word processing software is to your printer. Why dynamic? Because at all times it is able to optimize itself, adapt to current situations and threats, batch process content and much more!

Beamreactor is a simple yet powerful web authoring system, featuring a large list of options and potential customizations, aimed at mid-sized companies and personal website development.

Its aim is to fill a gap between very complex and cryptic web engines usually provided for huge communities and simplistic web systems such as blogs. It tries to combine the best of both words in harmony, by providing the user with a set of powerful yet straightforward set of tools for many different types of websites:

  • Web retails
  • Community portals
  • Company websites
  • Support websites
  • Personal websites
  • Blogs
  • Tool oriented web systems, such as webmails.
It provides everything needed for the user control and manage its contents whilst enjoying a secure, easy and upgradable environment.

A unique architecture

  • Centralized, modular design
  • Open architecture, allowing for system modifications and the development of easy run time add-ons.
  • Plugin driven, for limitless possibilities
  • Respectful of your web servers, thanks to its automated caches and internal protections.

A brief description of the Beamreactors features
Privacy and security aspects of our web authoring software
Showcase: learn why others have chosen our software solutions

*To describe it perfectly, we could say that it is a dynamic PHP relational object mapping and data persistence tool for Web application development. We most usually stick to "web engine" for the sake of simplicity.